The Need
  • Information needs do arise regularly when doctors see patients
  • Questions are often complex and multidimensional
  • The need for information is often much more than a question about medical knowledge. Doctors are looking for guidance, support, affirmation, confirmation, judgement, and feedback
  • Some of the questions generated in consultations go unanswered
  • Doctors are most likely to seek answers to their questions from other doctors
  • Most of the questions can be answered – but it is time consuming and expensive to do so
  • Doctors seem to be overwhelmed by the information provided to them but many times they cannot find the information they need
  • Doctors want to spend more time with their patients.
  • Doctors remember well all the diseases from their own speciality but would like to have accessible information about others speciality diseases and rare diseases.
  • Patients that go to a specialist for s disease can have other diseases from other specialities.
  • Questions are most likely to be about treatment, particularly drugs.
The Solution

A simple and easy to use software that:

  • Considers that the patient may have more than one disease.
  • Checks the list of symptoms in a patient database.
  • Calculates the probability of each disease having in account the frequency of 
the disease in the population but also the prevalence of each selected symptoms in each 
possible disease
  • Shows Bibliographic References

Medical Xpert Pro Value Proposition:

  • Decreases time for diagnosis,
  • Catches diseases that need to have a fast diagnosis and to be detected at the beginning of 
the evolution/process to have a good outcome.
  • Doesn’t miss a rare Disease
  • Improves the tests outcome. Increases tests performance. Adds value to tests.

Our product is orientated to:

  • General Practitioners
  • Doctors in Hospitals
  • Specialists in Laboratories
  • Medical Schools and Universities
  • Medical Device Companies (sales/marketing departments)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies (sales/marketing departments)
  • Medical Insurance Companies