The operation of the application on mobile devices is very similar to that defined in paragraph 5 of this document, but the least available space on the screens of these devices, they have been modified to optimize its use in them.


Data entrance

7311After marking “Login” on the screen to access the APP we can enter patient characteristics and symptoms.

Patient characteristics can by selected by checking on the characteristics desired button.

For example, if we select an age group will appear:

Where we can select the age group of our patient.

To select symptoms should be marked on the “+” button, then the symptoms screen will appear.

We can select as many symptoms as deemed necessary by checking on the “+” button to the right of each symptom. Once selected this button becomes “-” and changes colour. Thus allowed deselect any of the previously chosen symptoms.

The symptoms selected text also changes color.

Can be facilitating the search of a symptom using the search engine, and you can filter by type of symptom.


These are the kinds of symptom which can be filtered:

If checked on the text of a disease additional information thereof is obtained, such as:73333

If you still want more information you can dial in [+] info and displays information related to the selected symptom:7317


To view the results, once selected symptoms and indicated patient data (if desired), mark on the desired analytical method:

Systematics is the same as explained in section 5.3 of this document: