Patient data

The first thing you should enter is patient data such as age group, gender, ethnicity and location. Although the introduction of these data is recommended, the program does not require their introduction. If these data are not entered, accurately will be lost in the query results, in the majority of the cases.


Symptoms selection

Then you should choose the symptoms presented by the patient from those in the list.

It can be easier to find using the search engine located above the list.



You can also select the type of symptoms that you desire appear marking so many types as desired. To display this menu should be marked on “Advanced Search”.



Marking on a symptom a brief explanation of the symptom and a link [+] info where you can get further information appears. In most of symptoms, an image appears, it can be made greater marking directly thereon.



To add a symptom should be marked on the symbol + (ADD) to the right of the list of symptoms. You can also add by double clicking on the text of the symptom.

Symptoms can add as many as you want before making the request (minimum 1).

Some symptoms, when added to the query, show a window of symptoms that can be related to the chosen, with the intention of facilitating the work of the professional who is using the application.



The symptoms that are being selected are shown at the right of initial list of symptoms at “Selected Symptoms/Tests”.


You can remove any symptom chosen marking on [x] in the selected symptom itself.